Join us in contributing to a future brightly lit by LA-based artists.

Your support is an investment in innovative performances, emerging artists, and international presentations of work that was developed in Los Angeles.  We passionately believe that LA-based work is positioned to make a major contribution to the next evolution of performance (worldwide) through cross-genre projects that are technologically innovative, socially driven, and collaboratively devised.


COMMUNITY SUPPORT:  $10 monthly / $120 annually

  • Provides direct support toward Free Advice
  • Receive special invitations to Open Studio performances of new work in development
  • Recognition in local performance programs and Live Arts Exchange (LAX) Festival program shell

RESIDENCY SUPPORT: $25 monthly / $300 annually

  • Provides direct support to Development + Research Residencies
  • Receive up to two complimentary tickets for each Open Studio showing
  • Receive one complimentary ticket to our annual gala event

NEW PERFORMANCE ANGEL: $301-$1,000 annually

  • Provide critical support to new projects produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice
  • Receive up to two complimentary tickets for each Open Studio showing
  • Receive two complimentary tickets to our annual gala event
  • Receive two LAX Festival passes

LAX FESTIVAL SPONSOR: $1,001-$2,499 annually

  • Provide direct support to the annual Live Arts Exchange / LAX Festival
  • Receive invitations to all VIP events associated with our annual festival
  • Receive  up to four LAX Festival passes


  • Join us in commissioning new work by Los Angeles-based artists.
  • Participate in an annual meeting to allocate commissioning funds.
  • Receive two complimentary tickets to all Open Studio and public performances of works commissioned through the fund.