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The Institute of Memory (TIMe)

Lars Jan + Early Morning Opera

“Presented with dazzling stagecraft… The ‘searching for my father’ (or, less often, ‘mother’) play is a genre at this point, but not many of the works in it are as adventurous as The Institute of Memory (TIMe). Not many delve as deeply, either.” —New York Times

Two men play with the past in the glow of a kinetic light sculpture signaling keystrokes from a hacked 1950s typewriter. Featuring archival wire-tap transcriptions, the missives of communist spies and MRI brain scans, The Institute of Memory (TIMe) conjures a portrait of director Lars Jan’s enigmatic father—a Cold War operative whose fascinating story prompts questions about privacy, memory and fatherhood.

Early Morning Opera is directed by Lars Jan, and serves as a performance and art lab for the integration of emerging technologies, live audiences and unclassifiable experiences. EMO has been presented at the Whitney Museum, BAM Next Wave Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Under the Radar Festival and many more.


Upcoming Presentations:

On The Boards, Seattle (April 2017)
ICA Boston (November 2017)

About TIMe

Creative Team

Created by Early Morning Opera
Writing, Direction, and Stage Design by Lars Jan
Produced with Los Angeles Performance Practice and CalArts Center for New Performance

Performance: Andrew Schneider and Sonny Valicenti
Composition & Vocal Performance: Mariana Sadovska
Dramaturgy & Translation: Anna Burzynska

Video Design, Interactive Software and Systems Integration: Pablo N. Molina
Lighting Design: Christopher Kuhl
Sound Design: Nathan Ruyle and Mikaal Sulaiman
Costume Design: Kate Fry and Stephanie Petagno
Interactive Typewriter: Andrew Schneider
Technical Director: Joshua Friedensohn
3D Animations and Additional Video Content: Ting Zhang
Associate Lighting Designer: Chu-Hsuan Chang
Stage Manager: Lauren Stern
Production Manager: Sarah Peterson
Producer: Miranda Wright


On the Boards (Seattle, WA) — April 2017
Divine Comedy Festival (Kraków, Poland) — December 2016
Under the Radar Festival (New York, NY) — January 2016
TBA Festival (Portland, OR) — September 2015
REDCAT (Los Angeles) — May 2015


The Institute of Memory (TIMe) was co-commissioned by the CalArts Center for New Performance, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, REDCAT, The Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. This project is organized by Culture.pl as part of a program celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor. TIMe has received generous support from the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Theatre Project and the National Performance Network’s Creation Fund. Crucial residency support was granted by the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, and technology support by FARO.



Press & Links

“As a broader exploration of whether a human being can be altered all the way down to his cells and synapses by the nature of the times he lives through, the piece is startling and disturbing.” – New York Times

“Time veils the past in mystery for everyone, but theater artist Lars Jan’s case is exceptional. ” – Los Angeles Times

“The piece is trademark Jan, art of the kind of beautiful originality for which he has come to be known.”
– Los Angeles Magazine

“TIMe is an intersection of theater, film and new media technology. [It] speaks to a world of ever-changing technology and how the future of remembering changes by the second. ”- LA Downtown News


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