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Lars Jan + Early Morning Opera

“Paradoxical beauty becomes our sacred spaces-those that define ourselves and refine our lives. These spaces are the healing balm that allows us to embrace our suffering within such darkness. It is also within these spaces we discover great art-art that shifts us, moves us and changes us. It is in such spaces that we approach the work of Lars Jan.”
-Art Pulse Magazine
IF RENAISSANCE THEN takes the form of a multi-media lecture/performance in which the artist gives an artist talk sidetracked by a discussion of the next renaissance, accompanied by an artificially intelligent robotic avatar over which he has only partial control. The work is designed to be situated in museum and university lecture halls, as well as multidisciplinary art centers with black (or white) box spaces. The title alludes to a basic command of computing: a statement that IF a certain condition is recognized, THEN a certain outcome will be displayed.

IF RENAISSANCE THEN reimagines lo-fi live formats of idea exchange (the academic lecture, the interview, the audience Q&A) and the cornerstone of artistic perspective (the artist talk), and forces a confrontation with a technically bleeding-edge performance apparatus (the avatar). The full project will take shape over two years of development, and will reference both the canonical Renaissance and renaissances ‘elsewhere’ to point toward the multiplicity of historical incidences of cultural synthesis and advancement across fields. For example, the simultaneous flowering of Central Asian astronomy, architecture, mathematics, medicine, art and music, is as much a model of inquiry as the Renaissance that sparked in Florence shortly after. Throughout the life of the project, the work will dynamically shift between phases of research and presentation, both demonstrating active idea exchange with the public and the adoption of new and radical technologies.

This project is early in development, with an anticipated premiere in 2018.  To support this work, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

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    A Suicide Bombing by Invitation Only
    Early Morning Opera / Hi-Lite Gallery / Los Angeles 2011