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House Music

Grand Lady Dance House / Jennie Liu + Andrew Gilbert

“HOUSE MUSIC is an ongoing work-in-practice, and everything about it is richly layered and iterative.” -redefine mag
In HOUSE MUSIC, performers Jennie Liu and Andrew Gilbert invite small groups of guests into their stark, movable, ten-by-ten hut, to witness and participate in a commitment ceremony to the creative process. Part travelogue of a creative vision-quest, part biography of an artist relationship, guests are absorbed into an elaborately coded system of interrelating, designed to probe the trope that only within constraints lies the truest freedom. Meticulous live video reveals the personal grounding of this life experiment, supported by a live soundtrack inspired by the socially binding properties of early house music. An active meditation on the art of being with each other and with ourselves, House Music offers frames for reckoning with the past, for examining and feeling the transient nature of everything.

GRAND LADY DANCE HOUSE is the host for performances and videos by Jennie Liu and collaborators currently, primarily, Andrew Gilbert founding member of Poor Dog Group. Since 2004 Liu’s work has been presented by venues including the former Dance Theater Workshop, The Ontological-Hysteric Theater, HERE Arts Center, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, REDCAT (NOW Festival 2013), Live Arts Exchange, LA, and The Bushwick Starr. She has been a resident artist at PAM/Highland Park, theBogliasco Foundation, Yaddo Arts Colony, UCLA, and has received grants from the Multi-Arts Project Fund, the Jerome Foundation, and the Center for Cultural Innovation.

Development support for HOUSE MUSIC came through Show Box L.A.’s Los Angeles Dance & Research Residency Program, which is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and a month-long residency at The Mistake Room Gallery in Los Angeles.

In Residence

The Mistake Room Gallery / April 2016


Creative Team

Developed, Performed, and Designed by Jennie Liu and Andrew Gilbert
Video Content by Jennie Liu, Andrew Gilbert, and Keith Skretch
Scenic Installation by Shannon Scrofano
Produced with Miranda Wright and Los Angeles Performance Practice

Presentation History

[work in progress] The Mistake Room (Los Angeles) – April 2016
[work in progress] Live Arts Exchange (LAX) Festival (Los Angeles) – October 2015

Press & Links

“HOUSE MUSIC is an ongoing work-in-practice, and everything about it is richly layered and iterative.”  –redefine mag

“storytelling through a spiritualized space of discipline and precision” –get down town


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    Lars Jan + Early Morning Opera
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    Clouded Sulphur (death is a knot undone)
    Janie Geiser + Erik Ehn / Automata
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    Miwa Matreyek
  • Half Life
    Cloud Eye Control
    You Should Have Stayed Home, Morons
    RADAR LA 2013 / with support from Center Theatre Group
    Cooking Oil
    by Deborah Asiimwe, directed by Emily Mendelsohn / Kampala, Kigali, Los Angeles 2010-2013
    A Suicide Bombing by Invitation Only
    Early Morning Opera / Hi-Lite Gallery / Los Angeles 2011