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szalt Dance Company

“Zaletel is also an instinctual choreographer — deeply connected to her own psychology, yet fueled by the creative energy of her collaborators. She treasures the preciousness of the work created with her dance company, szalt, but she is also not afraid to abandon all control.”
—J. Alex Matthews on ThisStage.la
(women, and age, and men, and love, and sex, and death, and growing, and smiling, and wind)

F L W R S features the 5 females of szalt dance company, demonstrating non-chronological feminine development amid an unforgiving dressing room, silvering hair, and hundreds of flowers. SeeDance calls the work “charged, tense, and tender – outstanding and totally engaging”.




szalt is a collection of Los Angeles movers, collaborating with musicians and visual artists artistically led by dancer and choreographer, Stephanie Zaletel. Within the last three years, Zaletel has produced a myriad of new works across the city for szalt including O E a collaborative evening length performance that debuted at Highways Performance Space in September 2015, and tuesday., an installation-style piece for the Hammer Museum’s Made in LA series in collaboration with James Kidd and the Pieter Performance Space Council.

Creative Team

Choreography and Direction – Stephanie Zaletel
Original Music – Louis Lopez
Dancers of szalt (dance co.) – Lindsey Lollie, Sarah Prinz, Julia Planine-Troiani, Jordan Saenz, Stephanie Zaletel
Understudy – Amir RappaportLighting Design – Pablo Santiago-Brandwein
Costumes – Stephanie Zaletel

Presentation History

Since the F L W R S premier in May 2015 at HNYPT in DTLA, excerpts have been presented at the, MorYork Gallery, REDCAT Theater, JATB Festival in Blue Diamond, NV, Bootleg’s HomeGrown/Horton Awards, and was a finalist in the McCallum Choreography Festival in Palm Desert, CA.

  • Joan Didion's THE WHITE ALBUM
    Lars Jan + Early Morning Opera
    The Institute of Memory (TIMe)
    Lars Jan + Early Morning Opera
    Tungsten (artery)
    Janie Geiser / Erik Ehn
    Fugitive Time
    Janie Geiser / Automata
  • Surfacing
    Holcombe Waller
    Lars Jan + Early Morning Opera
    Clouded Sulphur (death is a knot undone)
    Janie Geiser + Erik Ehn / Automata
    This World Made Itself
    Miwa Matreyek
  • Half Life
    Cloud Eye Control
    You Should Have Stayed Home, Morons
    RADAR LA 2013 / with support from Center Theatre Group
    Cooking Oil
    by Deborah Asiimwe, directed by Emily Mendelsohn / Kampala, Kigali, Los Angeles 2010-2013
    A Suicide Bombing by Invitation Only
    Early Morning Opera / Hi-Lite Gallery / Los Angeles 2011