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Autobiography of the Kimono on the Western Stage

Jennie Liu

Autobiography of the Kimono on the Western Stage is a flexible, improvisational choreography for a group of six heterogenous bodies and a variety of objects, from the symbolically laden, to the mundane. In Kimono, the proscenium stage is both site and source as we inhabit this contentious platform, problematizing its long and continued history of cultural plundering, essentialized representations of human behavior, and assumptions of universality in stories, systems of communication and emotionality itself.

We take to the stage as bodies (colonized and colonizing) in the present, laden with unsolicited meanings yet holding a resistant, even liberatory, potency and an animistic worldview. Surrounded by other animals, mechanicals, tools and traps, we conjure their personhood to imagine what the theater, and the objects within it, might confess, what they might long for, and how they might envision their future.

We ask: How do we create and interrelate without approaching the world as something to be conquered, utilized, exploited, tamed, reduced or otherwise depleted for our own ends?


This project is early in development, with an anticipated premiere in 2017/18.  To support this work, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

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